11/12/11 Long Beach / LA Harbor Lobster

Tried to take advantage of the weather last Saturday to see if the bugs were on the crawl in Long Beach.  Got the wife, three of my kids and a couple of their friends (all six newbies) together on short notice and they were up for the adventure.  Also called Captain Dave Hansen (dave@yoursaltwaterguide.com) and he was good to go. Got everybody down to the boat and we were away by 4:30p.  Weather was poor, raining, pretty bumpy even in LB Harbor due to a good size lump out of the South. There were eight on board, but between the deck, bridge and galley work to be done, there were plenty of things for everyone to do.  We made our first sets at around 5:30p, got in out of the rain and had a nice chicken dinner, followed (between sets) by pumpkin pie and lava cakes from the oven. Dave (as usual) kept the conversation lively and had the kids enthralled with his stories and local knowledge.

It wasn’t wide-open fishing by any means, but we had a blast.We fished for more than 5 hours – everyone did a little pulling, a little stacking and a little culling.As is often the case, in addition to the lobster and crabs, there was some interesting by-catch that kept things very interesting for the kids.

For bait we used mackerel (previously caught) as well as salmon, tuna and wahoo scraps from my local fish purveyor.I can’t tell you what the lobster and crabs preferred more, but I can tell you that the sea lions liked it all.There were a couple of those federally protected fur felons that we could not shake all night.Move after move, set after set, they were always with us.8 out of 10 of my harness buoys had teeth marks in them – a couple were chewed up pretty good.

The weather mellowed out around 9:30p and it actually got pretty nice out there.In all, we ended up with a few leagal lobsters and at least a dozen nice crabs.One of my kids (first pic) declared it “the best night of fishing of his life!” (he’s 15), which was pretty cool because it let me know that he is beginning to understand that it is not about the harvest, but rather the experience. The kids all did a super job and while it was tempting to keep at it all night, there were various work and church obligations early the next morning so we called it shortly after 11p.  We were back at the dock around midnight and after some clean up of the gear and a bunch of pics we were headed home around 1a.  A late night to be sure, but as with almost all fishing trips, the time seemed to fly by. In Summary: Took the wife Took the kids Took the kid’s friends Took newbies Got Captain Dave Hansen Got a few legals Kept fishing despite the weather Kept fishing despite the slow pick kept fishing despite the sea lions = Had a GREAT time!! Now those things might not be everyone’s idea of a good night fishing, but I encourage you to try any or all of them – I know that I will (again). And do yourself a favor – whether your new to it, or you want to teach somebody new, you need new spots, or you just want to have a ball – call Dave Hansen…. he’s got lobster on the brain (see last pic). Be well. PL


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