Hi Guys. Ran three trips on the Helena last week and have caught a total of 121 lobsters. Out of all those bugs there were 11 legals. 70% of the bugs are just a hair short – it makes me think the population is great. And for those that like rock crabs, we’re catching plenty of legal crabs.

We fished all last week in 32 –42 feet of water, but we will be trying some new areas this week. I have been talking to my commercial lobster buddies who have let me in on a couple of new hot spots.

For those of you without a boat, but have always wanted to go hooping, this is the ticket for you. We are giving you all you can eat steak, corn, mash potatoes and salad, 5 hours of hooping and all you can drink.

For those of you with boats, but have never been hooping or always wanted to learn to hoop or just want another captain’s perspective on hooping – this is the trip for you. This is like going to one of my seminars, but it’s ON THE WATER! It’s cheaper than my private guided trip, but you still get to learn. I show you what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. I’ll show you how to set-up and rig your hoops. I’ll show you how and where to set them using the electronics.

You can even bring a rod if you like and try a little fishing between sets. We had some decent bass fishing last week.

We have 2 or 3 openings left for this Tuesday. The weather looks like it will be great for hooping. Give me a call directly at 949-374-0786 or call Dana Wharf Sportfishing at 949-496-5794 to get details on rates and availability.

I look forward to seeing you on the water.

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