3 days at San Clemente Island


Had a the opportunity to take Capt. Dave Hansen Captain Dave’s Saltwater Fishing Guide Service , who I’ve known since he was born, to SCI.  Dave knows the island pretty well and it was my partner, Bob Lorman and my idea to take Dave with us.  He hooked us up with bait from his friend at Catalina on a boat called the Carnage and we were off to SCI.  We’re going to be there for three days so Dave thought it would be good idea to start rock fishing since the weather was so nice.  We caught a bunch of coppers, reds and johhnys among other rock fish.  After a few hours, we had all we wanted so it was off to try for the WSB in the northwest harbor.  No luck on the exotics but pretty good bass fishing.  The next morning we tried for WSB for an hour or so then it was down the front side of the island checking out spots and looking for fish.  We ended up at a spot at the east end of island called fishhook where we caught bass, barracuda, looked at some yellows and much to my surprise Dave saw a bald eagle and told us that he was going to feed him.  He took a nice 14 inch bass and blew it up with air and threw it into the water.  The moment it left his hand the eagle was on his way down to get it.  We got lots of pictures.  The eagle was worth the price of admission.  Then we went into the cove to have dinner and see if we could get a sunset bite.  No luck on the bite but great dinner.  That night Dave talked to a guy on one of the other boats who got bit in the cove and invited us to fish next to him the next morning.  Dave caught two nice WSB, a yellowtail about 25 lbs and I caught a 200 lbs black sea bass (est).  We threw the black sea bass back and headed for home .  What a great three days.  It was great to spend time with Dave.  We’ve known him since he was little.  He’s turned out to be one hell of a fisherman and super nice guy. 

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Captain Dave Hansen

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