3/30/12 Rock Fish W/Captin Dave Hansen

I received aninvitation to be a third wheel on a rock fish / Catalina adventure aboard the Second Wind with Captain Dave Hansen and my pal Mickey. After reading all of these posts on BD and spending all of my allowance at the Fred Hall show on overpriced tackle, I am fired up and ready to go fishing. 3/30/12 Rock Fish W/Captin Dave Hansen-2012-03-29-micks-boat.jpg

 We Left Dana Point at O’dark-thirty to Head out to the west side of Catalina for some rock fish. The swell picked up and we were on the hunt for the spot. Captain Dave assistedMick on the bridge to put us on the spots that were holding some fish. Baited up and dropped down and bingo! Fish on! We did this over and over drifting overrocks hooking up to limit on fat reds and rock fish until our arms were burning and felt like like rubber

. 3/30/12 Rock Fish W/Captin Dave Hansen-3-29-bowed-up.jpg

The swell picked up and the bite turned off so we went to seek shelter inside a cove and switched to the lighter tackle to pick off some Sheephead. Much to our surprise, the Bass were willing to bite. After the usual harassment from some local Sea Dogs we were able to pick some fat quality Goats and Calico Bass. We stopped in to a Harbor to check out local Bald Eagles. This was a kick in the shorts to watch these Eagles leave their perch and fly downand pick up our sacrificial offering. Ace Ventura, eat your heart out, CaptainDave has the Eagle call down. A long boat ride back to Dana Point Harbor, and we were going home with a few fish and an experience to share with others. I had a great experience with Dave, I found out that I had a few bad fishing habits, learned some new tactics, listened to some great stories and told a few of my own. I drove to work Friday morning with a big grin knowing I played hookie and had agreat time doing it…

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Captain Dave Hansen

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