50lb wsb w/Capt Dave Hansen

First post so be gentle!! Left DP while the sun was shining on the other side of the planet. Had Capt. Dave Hansen on board to teach us, show us how and where, and most importantly, to give my son an opportunity at catching “something big” (bens words). We motored over to the fleet by the domes and Ben(my son) was on a wsb before 7:30. Hook up was with live squid. Approx weight 50lb. Minutes later Ben hooked something that ran out 600 yards of braid before capt dave stopped the damage. INCREDIBLE!! By 9am ben had about a 150lb black cbass at the side of the boat. Again, live squid. We lost several more large fish before noon. The cuda were mixed in throughout the day also. Went to a different spot for calicos and such and killed them on dead squid cause my bait tank pump wanted as many sacrifices as it could kill. Came back to dp around 2:30.
Without question, Capt. Dave Hansen put us on fish. He was patient with us newbies and taught me invaluable techniques. Loaded up my gps with spots, taught me how to use my electronics, boat handling skills, anchoring, and so much more. Capt Dave is worth your time and investment if you desire to learn, have fun, and of course, KILL EM!!! Thanks Capt Dave for helping my son, army spc ben stevens experience the day of a lifetime. I will be booking Dave again for an island trip this summer. Pics will be loaded when i figure out how lol. If you want to experience socal fishing at its finest, visit Dave at yoursaltwaterguide.com :2gunsfiring_v1:

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Captain Dave Hansen

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