As Good As It Get’s

OK so we have been saying how good the fishing is Now.So lets talk about it.There is lots of squid in Dana Point and really every where.I have been fishing Dana because that where my boat is.Let me just tell you what myself and my clients have been doing to get bit. There are lots of places to fish but what I have found over the last 35 years is when there is squid for bait spots over 60 feet deep seem to bite the best for Bass on the coast.Now when rigging I see guys putting on some unreal stuff( even after fishing with me they go back to rigging crap).What works the best is a sliding sinker and a hook no beads or anything just the hook and weight.The more stuff you put on the less bites.Now when your fishing that deep with the slider you have to let the fish run with the bait for a few seconds then set the hook hard then wind no pumping and then take the fish off and do it again.Why are they biting so good right now I think it is because we have been having great weather.If you want to know where we have been fishing take me on your boat from now until April I am only charging 300.00.After that we go back to summer rates.Good Fishing To all.Dave

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Captain Dave Hansen

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