Between the rock and the hard place…..we found fish!

Made the best of what looked like pretty dismal conditions yesterday. Told the kids I’d take them fishing as they had the day off. I had meetings all morning and we didn’t leave the slip until after 12:30 PM. Wind was already up (just like the weather sites said it would be) and was going to get worse.

I had three of my sons on board as well as Capt. Dave Hansen. On the way out of the harbor Dave and I got the rods ready for what we hoped would be an hour or two of rockfishing. When we got to the mouth of the harbor (at 1:15p) the conditions looked pretty grim. After we mulled over a couple of different options (including scrapping the trip) we finally decided to give our original plan a go. We managed about 17 very soggy knots for the 45 min ride out. Wind was 12-15 knots straight out of the West.

The seastate, while not good, did not get any worse by the time we arrived at our spot. With rods rigged and baited we were in the water immediately. We were fisihing single dropper loops with 6-8 oz weights, in 140 to 165 feet, using whole, fresh dead squid.

The bite during our speedy drifts was good (certainly not wide open) and everyone caught fish. We we able to get about ten drifts in before we called it. The only takers we had were cabezon – we managed 7 keepers. Some were enornous, all will be delicious. Spent a lot of time re-rigging due to getting rocked a few times as well as several snags on the bottom.

Really ended up being a great day. A big thank you to my boys for being patient with me and my schedule. And another thank you to Capt. Dave Hansen ( for agreeing to go on short notice as well as putting us on the fish.

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  • Between the rock and the hard place.....we found fish!-V__CAA9.jpg

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