BUGZ!! Light Load in Dana Scores HUGE Numbers

Saturday night was epic on the Helena. We had a low move in and I guess that made the Bugz want to crawl. One of my old regulars (from when I ran the LCH) called and wanted to go… so we went it was full nets all night. Lots of sorting. All in all we ended up with over 200 shorts, 11 legal lobsters and 20 legal red rock crabs. All of that was pulled in by only four people!! We left them crawling. Come on down to Dana, its time! We have trips Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 949-496-5794 We are going as long as we have four, so come on down for all you can eat steak, a busy night of hooping, and an on the water seminar. What more could you want?

IMG_6498.jpg CAM00083.jpg CAM00082.jpg CAM00081.jpg CAM00078.jpg

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Captain Dave Hansen

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