Capt Dave to the Rescue

Got back out on the water Friday 7-17 with a couple of the guys from work and their boys, one of which had just returned from his 2nd trip to the Sandbox…Semper Fi! The 2 boys and one of my bro’s had never fished the big blue sea so the plan was to get out on the water and work the inshore bass and cuda bite for lots of bent rods and fun. I told everyone to bring light tackle and pack a lunch, I’d take care of everything else and play Capt. all day.


I called Capt. Dave Hansen (have chartered his services a few times recently with great success) on Thursday night for a fish report. Phone went straight to VM so I figured he was out on the water and left a message. Left DP at 0530 and stopped at the BB for a couple scoops. They only had dines… Headed north to Treasure Island and dropped the hook. There was little to no current and couldn’t seem to get the hot bite I had promised everyone. A few cuda and calico here and there but nothing to write about. Baits were getting bit but not hard.


By 9am we had moved south to Salt Creek where 10 other boats were working the kelp. Started throwing plastic and got a few more hook-ups including a mystery fish I’d never seen before??? Still not much to brag about.


At about 1030, Capt. Dave calls, How’s it goin out there? Sloooowwwww, They were out of chovies I say. Dave’s response, The bait barge just got in 10 min ago with chovies, go grab a scoop and drop the hook at xyz. We pull the hook and run back in. Grab a fresh scoop, 30 min later we’re at the spot and BAM, we’re in them! Every cast, HOOK-UP! For the next 3 hours it’s WFO on the calicos and cuda. I’m hooking baits, casting from the bow, setting hooks, cranking 2-3 turns before passing the rod, running down the rail, grabbing another rod and fresh bait, circling back to the bow, casting for a repeat. My guests couldn’t believe it and were having the time of their lives! Must of hooked over 70!!! Capt. Dave calls to check-in in the middle of all this, all I can say is THANKS, gotta go, I’m busy here! We’re done by 3pm with enough fish to feed the Marine for a month! Share some recipe ideas with him and send everyone on their way with big smiles and great memories. On the way home, I call the good Capt. back to say thanks again! Becoming friends with Dave has been the best damn catch I’ve ever had on my boat! I’d recommend this guy to anyone that wants to catch fish…Captain Daves Saltwater Guide Service 949-374-0786 email:

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