Captain Dave’s Tips and Tricks for Catching More Bass

The following is some pointers Capt. Dave  shared with the members of

1. Fish water deeper than 60 feet at all times.

The Reason: Shallow structure does not hold hungry fish during the winter months.

2. Utilize your electronics.

The Reason: A sounder can often offer you a quick and accurate answer of whether or not a spot is holding fish.  Be sure to meter around a spot before you take the time to anchor!  No, your fish finder will not always tell you the whole story but it is one of the tools in your arsenal and should be used.

3. Anchor on structure.

The Reason: If you are drifting while you are trying to target calico bass and sand bass you are not taking full advantage of the spot you are fishing.  Many of you have probably noticed that when you fish an area with structure by drifting you go long stretches of time with little to no action. Then, a sudden flurry of bites whips everyone on board into a frenzy but the chaos ends as quickly as it began and everyone is back to playing the waiting game.  This scenario happens because the boat is positioned over the area of the structure that is holding fish for only a few minutes when you are drifting.  When you are anchored properly the boat sits right on top of the “hot” spot for hours!   To find the spot you want to anchor on meter around the structure you are planning on fishing and see which side (i.e. down current, up current, downwind, upwind) and depth is holding the most fish.  Then, taking into account current and wind, anchor in a matter that will leave your boat sitting directly on top of the spot with all of the meter marks.  Lobster buoys can be a helpful tool when anchoring.  Look which way they are drifting/pulling in the water to figure out how your boat will lay up once on the anchor.

4.  Chum!

The Reason:  Once a decent chumline of bait is established it will get the fish into feeding mode.  As the current moves the chum away from the boat more fish will be brought into the area.  As the fish are feeding they are slowly moving up the chumline, which means they are working their way closer to the boat and into your spread of baits.

5.  Be Patient.

The Reason: The fish are not always on your schedule.  Getting a good chum line going and/or re-anchoring (once or twice) to get your boat in the optimal position will often result in catching a good quantity of fish. No one ever said fishing was easy!

If you are having trouble getting in on the good bite or would like to learn how to master the above tips plus some, give Captain Dave Hansen a call.  He has been fishing the Dana Point area for more than 35 years and is running winter specials currently!

Captain Dave Hansen

Cell: (949)374-0786

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