Catalina Cod, Poor-Man’s Tuna, and Mako Madness and a Salvage Job.

On Saturday I fished Catalina. Started the day at the San Pedro Bait receiver for a couple of nice scoops of awesome anchovies. Headed straight to the back side of Catalina island. A friend had lost an anchor there a little while back and we were set to recover it. Found the spot, diver in the water, less than 10 min bottom time, mission accomplished! The weather was pretty calm, not much wind at all, I decide we should try the West End humps. Turned out to be a good move – the cod were biting. Lots of variety and a little size too. Easy limits on the bocaccio. I’m sure we could have filled the boat if we stayed a while longer.

Did have a bit of excitement as an approximately 6′ long, Short Fin Mako snatched a large cod right at the boat. He was on for a short while, but the toothy thief soon broke us off – too bad.

Went around the front side to find the bonito. Empire Landing is where I left them last week…. and that’s where I found them on Saturday too. Used those awesome anchovies to chum them up, and the surface was frothy after a few minutes. The mackerel were so thick it was tough to get to the bonito, but we did manage a couple of dozen of the line-siders when it was all said and done.

Another great day at the island.

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Captain Dave Hansen

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