Catalina on Saturday 06-22 with a couple buddies and Dave Hansen

Well after being up almost 26 hours due to work and unable to fall asleep (one of those to cold/too hot nights tossing and turning nights), my friend, his uncle and I met up with Dave at 4:45ish. We got 2 scoops of live squid at Nachos and off we were to Catalina. The ride there was a little rough at times, but we managed to get there safely.

We did a little recon on the areas Dave fished the past 4 days on the front side of the island. The conditions were not good at a few of his honey holes, so we moved on and found a spot near a beach with semi good conditions. We dropped the hook and all four of us grabbed our rods and headed to the bait tank. As Dave opened up the top on the bait tank, all I here is, ” WTF!!!! “. I look in the bait tank and see nothing but dead squid, so we started getting all the squid out and bagging them. We were able to find about 10 still alive, those we transferred to the other bait tank.

After a few choice words from most of us and the shock spending $ 140.00 (including tip) for “LIVE” squid, we began to fish. We had lots of nibbles for for 3 of us, but no luck. On the other hand my friend Gil had other plans. Within 15 minutes he hooked a 24″ Halibut, Bat Ray and a 5ish lb. Sheep Head. Although we were happy for Gil, the rest of us looked at each other and said, WTF!!!!, LMAO!!

Thirty minutes later, we pulled the hook and returned to some of Dave’s spots to see if the conditions changed for the better. Shortly after we dropped the hook and began fishing again. After about 30 minutes, no Tails, no fish, just alot of nibbles. Gil and his uncle changed over to small strips of squid as Dave and I continued fish with the whole squid (We wanted to catch a Yellowtail!). Gil and his uncle killed the Whitefish and Blue Perch. About 25 minutes of this went by when I heard Dave yell, ” Yellowtail !!”. I ran to get a live squid and pin it on. Seconds after I casted, my reel started screaming, “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!”. I counted to 3 and tried to set the hook on 4. The tail started to take off, when all of a sudden my pole goes limp… All I could say was ” Mutha Fu$%#$ !! “.

We stayed there a little while longer, then we moved to another spot. It was off the hook for Calico’s (shorties). We ended up getting limits ( 14 3/4″ – 19” fish.) along with many more by catch. Another school of tails showed up, but no tails were caught or farmed here. We ended up leaving at 4ish with limits of Calico’s.

A Beautiful day at the island……. I slept off and on throughout the day…. Lol…
Good company…….
15 Calico’s……..
And a who knows what’s wrong with the bait tank, time will tell………

Thanks again Dave for all your help, advice and always joking around….

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