Catalina Yellows with Capt. Dave Hansen

After listening to Captain Dave Hansen at numerous fishing seminars I finally pulled the trigger and booked a trip with him. We decided to meet at Davis on Thursday, 6-20-13. Dave, my son, and I launched at 0500 and headed for Nachos for a generous scoop of fresh squirts. Dave told me where to aim the boat (Catalina) and we were off at 24 knots. Once at the island the search for the right conditions was on. All the while Dave showed taught me how to better use my Raymarine C80 and all its’ features. The weather was awesome. We set the anchor and started to fish. It wasn’t long before we had the first yellow on the boat. We moved a couple times and eventually set up on a spot that went wide open.

The total for the day was 3 yellows, limits of calicos for the 3 of us, 1 nice whitefish, 1 nice sheepshead, and a couple barracuda. We released in excess of 25-30 nice calicos due to limits already being filled. We lost 3-4 yellows due to pulled hooks. The day was phenomenal al in all. I had wanted to fish with Dave for years and now feel stupid for waiting so long. He taught me about anything and everything I asked. He was one heck of a help on the boat as well. He even took time to bait hooks. I can’t say enough good about Dave. We had a blast and I felt like I was fishing with a longtime friend the whole day. I am looking forward to fishing with him again, soon.


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Captain Dave Hansen

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