Clemente Reef 11/22/11 with Dave

Had the pleasure of fishing with Capt. Dave Hansen 1(949)374-0786, and his friend Max on Tuesday 11/22 out of Dana Point. We made a quick 3.5 hour trip out looking for some Halibut, Sargo and Sand Bass We started the day by stopping in a Dana Wharf Sportfishing to pick up some frozen Squid but we were lucky and got a little Fresh Dead stuff instead. Had a short chat with a number of the Capt’s including Brian Wooley, Capt of the “Sum Fun” out of 1(949)496-5794. After that it was off to the fuel dock for some go-go juice, where we ran into Dan (outland). Nice to meet you. There plan was to run up the line and hit the Dana pipe fishing for Bass and Rockfish. Our plan was to run south to the Bouy line at San Onofre to fish the Halibut and then move back up to Clemente Reef for the Sargo and Sand Bass. As we left the Harbor the seas were flat but the wind was beginning to blow out of the NW. Not bad but as it turned out it would get worse as the day went along. We arrived at the Buoy line at about 10am and set up on the spot. Right off the bat conditions just were not right as there was almost no current. What current there was was running up and out, against the wind. Add to that a few larger swells were breaking over the Sand Bar. The water was little off color, green and the wind wasn’t helping things either. It was causing us to swing on and off the spot. I got 1 good bite here but for the most part the action here was no action. We pulling the hook and ran up the line to the Clemente Reef. Excellent marks on the meter here with Sand Bass showing on the bottom and lots of junk showing mid water on the meter. Once again, like down at the Domes, the current was super weak. Lot’s of pecking bites on the Squid strips from Blacksmith, but not much more for the first 15 mins. I broke the ice with a small, no, make that a tiny Red Vermillon Rockfish. WTF were only sitting in 45 feet of water and I catch a Red??? After that the Sand Bass started biting, along with a few Calico Bass and Johnny Bass. It was fun fishing. Nothing wide open but steady. The hot ticket was to fish the 8 to 10lb test with a 1/2oz slider and a whole Squid  The weather however was getting worse and the wind was picking up. There was plenty of “popcorn” on the water now. We got a hail from Dan saying he just scored a nice 30lb class Halibut up off the pipe. NICE one Dan!! We fished another 1/2 hour or so but it was getting sloppy and there still wasn’t any current so we called it a day at 12:30pm Our final count was 11 Sand Bass, 2 Calico Bass, 3 Johnny Bass (released), 1 Sheephead, and 1 small Vermillon Rockfish. Not to shabby considering the conditions. THANK YOU DAVE for the invite. You and Max had me laughing the whole trip. I had a great time and I hope to get the chance to share the rail with you again soon

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