Dana Point Sand Bassing 1-29-2012

I finally got the opportunity to get Dave on my boat. I talked with him at a fishing show last year and thought it would be a good idea to have him increase my knowledge of local fishing. I called my brother Bob and he agreed to join me and bring his son Zach along. Zach’s only 11 but he’s already a pretty good fisherman.

We agreed to meet at 7:00 and Dave was right on-time. We loaded up, went to the bait dock and got some Dines to supplement the fresh dead squid Dave brought with him. The game plan was to have Dave show us some spots down the coast and see if we could get a Halibut.

Zach started the day with a short, which was released. Bob had a right kind bite that didn’t stick and Dave got us on-board with the first legal bass. We tried some other spots and had about the same luck. It was looking like a slow day although the company was great. It’s always fun telling your old stories to new people. The old group has heard them a million times and doesn’t want to hear them again.

Late in the day we ended up at Dave’s spot that has been biting well the past month. We got the fresh dead squid out and the fish were there, they were biting and it was game on. Not quite a fish for every cast since the starboard side was closer to the spot than the port side. It was consistent. Zach and Dave were the hot sticks. They were getting bit more and landing most of the fish. I always like seeing the kids do well, as did Dave and Bob. Bob caught his share and I was nowhere to be seen.

I’ve spent the past 5 years being more of a boat mechanic than fisherman and it showed today. In years past I used to get more than my share but today I got to watch not catch. No big deal. All I was looking for was a nice day on the water and I got that. After my fuel tank project I was happy to get blood on the boat and fish in the bag. We had 13 or 14 bass and had run out of squid. Dave started cleaning fish and pulled some squid from the bass. This allowed us to fish another 30 minutes and put a couple more on board. Zach ended up with the biggest Calico and Sand bass.

We had a great day on the water. I plan to hire Dave again. Thanks for the fun time.


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