Date night with Capt. Dave??

Date night with Capt. Dave??


Well….. not exactly. Had a chance to get out there and go hoop netting with my wife, two of my sons, and my daughter and her boyfriend. We asked Capt. Dave Hansen ( to join us, and we were pleased when he accepted. My daughter’s boyfriend had never been hooping before, but he was a quick study and a great help on deck. In fact, the kids pretty well ran the operation on deck. I hope we can all do it again very soon.
 It was a pretty nice night out there – a little windy, a little cool, but not too bad overall. We enjoyed a nice dinner and, in spite of a bit of rockin and rollin, my wife even baked brownies (while we were hooping) for dessert Their was little competition on the spots, the sealions were not a problem. We used salmon for bait and never fished deeper than 45ft.
 Called it quits around midnight. The kids all managed to get a lobster or two during their turns at pulling. We didn’t fish too hard, but still managed 7 legal lobsters and a half dozen rock crabs for the night.
Be well. PL
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