EPIC! First time hooping….Killed it!!!

Been looking forward to my first ever lobster trip for a loooong time. Being a virgin at the sport I thought it best to avoid the opening weekend madness that I have been witnessing for years. I have the rig, I bought the gear, I read “The Book”, but I knew I still didn’t have a clue on what I was really supposed to be doing out there, so I did what I recommend any of you in the same position should do….. I called Capt. Dave Hansen www.yoursaltwaterguide.com to get me dialed in. The weather on Wed. sucked. The water on Wed. sucked. The hooping on Wed. was nothing short of spectacular. Also aboard were my brother and a buddy(who have also never done this before) and Dave brought a deckhand (Max). We left the dock at 5p and had all 10 hoops baited and set by 5:45p. We were the first ones on the spot, but were joined shortly thereafter by another 4 boats. That was about as tight as you would would want this spot to be, maybe too tight as we would find out later. After the set, we drifted a while, chatted a bit, watched as everyone else dropped their gear on top of everyone else’s, and hoped that the rain and current would set the bugs on the move. At around 7p we moved in to begin my (our) first ever pull. Before I go on, I have to tell you that my expectations for the day weren’t high, I was mostly interested in learning the sport. I was just happy to be on the water, with an experienced guide, and with the relatively slow reports that I had been reading on this board, I would have been happy pulling and pitching shorts and hoped that maybe we could find one or two keepers. Dave drove the boat (and taught me few things there as well). Max got us organized and working well together on deck. We did the pulling and the lobster did the cooperating. While I won’t bore you with the blow by blow of each net pulled, I can tell you that my expectattions for the night were so far surped that I still cant believe it. We pulled our last hoop at 9:15p and the final count was 17 (SEVENTEEN!!) legals and 5 good crabs. In the mix was one that went 5-6 lbs, two at 4 lbs, 2 at 3 pounds, and the rest at 1 1/2 – 2 lbs. Threw back about seven or eight shorts and a handful of spider turds. Absolutely unbelievable!! (at least to me and the other two newbies) There were a were a couple of low spots on the night – the water conditions had my buddy feeling a little wonky, but he pulled through like a champ. There was a 46′ Bertram that kept charging through the gear. I lost one hoop. Talked to another guy out there who lost one too and had the lines cut on two others. I know I’m new, but we have got to respect each others space and the gear! I cannot thank Dave Hansen (and Max) enough for such a remarkable introduction to the sport. If you are new to this (like me) or haven’t been getting the results or experience you want out of hooping, I cannot strongly enough recommend that you call Dave Hansen for istance. Thanks again, Dave! PL


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