Fishin’ for what’s bitin’

This time of year you’ve got to fish for what’s biting. I would love to be able to catch Yellowfin, White Sea Bass, Yellowtail and Dorado but that’s not what’s biting this time of year. However, just because those fish aren’t biting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be fishing.
A perfect example was what happened on Tuesday. One of my regular clients called me and said he’d like to learn some spots south of Dana Point where he might be able to catch some fish this time of year.
We started off at a spot in about 65 ft of water, rigged up with 12 lbs mono, a 4/0 Mustad bronze hook, a 1/2 oz egg slider, and two bags of fresh, dead squid that Kelly and I caught the other night.
For the next three hours it was either a sand bass, calico bass or a nice 2 lbs sargo.

We left ’em biting at that spot and headed to another spot just below the San Clemente pier, in 65 ft of water for some more good sargo fishing and quite a few mystery bites.
Once again, the keys are a sliding sinker, 12 lbs line and a bronze hook. As for the fish this time of year with the water being cold, they’re not as aggressive as they are when they’re spawning or when the water is warmer.
Always remember, bigger isn’t better when you’re fishing. Don’t be afraid to go light. For example, today I went to the exact spot to fish for sargo. I was able to get 8 nice sargo on 6 lbs line with a strip of squid, a 1/4 oz slider and a #2 bronze hook.
A few key ways to keep things as inexpensive as possible: I always use Mustad hooks. You can get a box of 50 for less than $10.
I also use Vicious line.
Both brands are easy on the wallet and work just as good as any other brand.
As for rods and reels, I always use Okuma. They seem to be priced towards you and me. I fish with them about 200 days a year and they stand up as good as any other rod and reel I’ve used, maybe even better.
Look at the pictures below and see how I rig the terminal tackle.

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