Gail Force Hooping w/ Capt Dave Hansen

Hooped the long beach harbor with Capt Dave Hansen and one of his clients that wanted to entertain his employees for the night. Left the dock at about 4:30pm and called it a night at 9:30pm with 30 nice bugs on the boat! Not only is Capt. Dave a great guide his clients are awesome too!! If you have been thinking about going lobster fishing now is the time to go. The Long Beach harbor is going off and the bugs are BIG!!!
If you have your own boat and need some pointers on any kind of fishing make sure you give Capt. Dave a call. He’s a blast to have on the boat and won’t let you down!!
The Gail Force has 2 opening for Today (thurs feb. 7th) and 5 spots open for this Sunday Feb. 10th. Give me a call to get on the boat or book online at
Capt Ryan
(310) 844-3814

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Captain Dave Hansen

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