Great 6 days in Catalina!!!! 3 with Dave Hansen

Been awile since we took a big trip. We decided we were going to San Clemente Island for 4 days then Catalina for 2. Well the plans changed as the seal colony sounds like a big pain in the ass at Clemente so we stayed in Catalina. We started Tuesday July 3rd and just had a blast. Newport was out of squid so we called Jim on the Marie Clare, he was almost out so we hauled ass over to Avalon for 3 scoops of great squid. After getting a can we headed over to Seal Rock and limited out on nice size Calicos. We decided that we would just hang out on the 4th and screw around. Fishing from the can in Hamilton cove we also limited out on Calico before 10am. Thursday was our day to really hit it hard. We took our time getting up to the 3 Vs and set up on some good water with good temp, After once again limiting out on Calico we moved back towards Church Rock found a good set and dropped lines. Ofcourse the Calico is WFO in Catalina so we were releasing them as fast as we were catching them. We caught and released so many we were just done. Pulling the pick I said lets try one more spot. We ended up between Church and Seal Rock and ended up with Calicos again! As were just calling it a day the reel goes nuts for nice Yellow Tail. Friday brings a new adventure as we decided to bring Dave Hansen aboard. We have fished with him before and love having aboard. His love and knowledge of not just fishing but our enviroment is second to none. We hit a couple of the local East spot and again limited out on Calico. About 1pm the DFG decided to come check everyone out. After they boarded us and they were happy with everything we decided to move down the line. We found some great water and dropped the pick. After and hour of the normal Cailco the reel go nuts again. WSB finally I got one. Not a tank but legal. We were runnning out of bait and had Saturday and Sunday still to fish Plus 3 others guys coming over on the ferry we started looking for bait. Marie Clare, nobody had bait in Catalina so we decided to haul ass back to Newport that now had a fresh load of squid. Picked up the 3 guys so they didnt have to take the ferry and headed back to Avalon. We finished the weekend having a great time and great fishing. 6 days with my Dad and friends was just such a great vacation.

If you have never talked to our used Dave Hansen do yourself a favor. He is always a welcome addition to our deck. He has such a love for fishing that you cant help but learn. He has been running boats for over 30 years and it shows. The man is an animal and spends his life on the water. If you even think your a good fisherman, spend a day with Dave and youll be a better fisherman. He has always been good with us and always checks in to give advice and just to help out. He really cares about his customers and will always help.

Dave Hansen (949) 374-0786

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