Hansen Hammers the bugs in LB – EPIC!!

Did a lobster trip last night with Capt. Dave Hansen in Long Beach. We had a crew of 5 and came up ONE short of limits. Capt. Dave had is Brother –in-law Jeff as well as his 13y.o. nephew Cameron, out for their first ever boat hooping trip. Capt. Dave really wanted to hit a home run for his family, and he sure accomplished that. We ended the night with 34 of the crafty crustaceans.

The weather was pretty bonkers in the harbor last night, but that’s kind of why we picked this night to hoop. The night started off pretty slow for us as we had only one legal lobster and one nice crab in the tank at 8p. We had tried some high spots in shallow and deep, open water but the pulling was tough as we were on a full 2-knot drift because of the wind. We were in the big boat so we had to back down on everything and that takes you directly into the wind waves. We had a lot of the 54.5 deg. water over the transom. Anyway, the open water spots did not really produce for us so we had to find some walls to fish.

Fishing the walls, with all that wind, was a little sketchy at times, butw ith Dave driving, Jeff on the spot light, me hooking the buoys, Cameron pulling hoops and my son keeping the deck organized, we set our sights on making this a big night, despite the slow start. We tried Dave’s spots and my spots and some new spots and picked away (through wind and rain) at those bugs to near limits for all.

We had a 10lb, 6lb, 5lb, a few 4’s and a nice mix of 1 ½ to 3lbers. Also took eight very nice red rock crabs. We pitched about 7 or 8 shorts, 60 or so rock crabs that did not make the cut, and about a half dozen spider crabs (that will never make the cut). We used sardines in tubes for bait. And fished them in Promar Eclipse nets. The seals were not much of an issue. We pulled into the slip at 3:00a.

Capt. Dave has been killing it this month in LB. If you want to get out there and have a chance to catch your lobster of the season, or perhaps the lobster of a lifetime, you really ought to consider contacting Capt. Dave Hansen (yoursaltwaterguide@yahoo.com).

Thanks Dave, Jeff, Cameron and Jon for the best night of hooping that we have ever put together on my boat.

Be well.


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