Hansens Stones

Started out in Newport Beach. Picked up Randy Cosage on his killer 22 foot Mako center console and took off to below Dana to catch some Rockfish. They scored 3 quick quality Reds but then things went south. When Dave fired up the motor to move back up to the rock the boat fail to go in the right direction. Turns out the motor had lifted and was stuck in the “up” position.
The solenoid had failed and the engine would not go down. They got a tow from the Life Guard boat back to Dana. They borrowed some tools from Capt. Chris Picka and got the boat fixed
Randy still really wanted to fish those Reds so they took off again for San Onofre / Box Canyon rockfish spot (Hansens Rockpile). while under way Dave discovered that the temp gauge wasn’t working. After checking to see what the problem was they discovered that the motor lifting up had snapped the cable out of the transducer. Oh great! No Fishfinder! They continued on anyway and got to the numbers. After a bunch of drop’s they scored nothing.
At this point Capt. Jon “On the Fly” motored up to offer a few rockfish for them. After that they recognized each other and Jon used his meter and put Capt Dave and Randy on the spot where they began scoring a bunch of nice quality Reds and Barber Poles. They ended up with FULL LIMITS!

To Fish Dope Member Capt. Jon “On the Fly”
Capt Dave wants to give you a
HUGE, GIANT THANK YOU BUDDY!! for saving his butt again…….
The last time was in Ensenada, Jon gave Dave some numbers to find Albacore and those numbers turned out to be SOLID GOLD!!
PS Dave really loves that Hat of yours Jon. Better hide it when your not wearing it LOL J/K

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Captain Dave Hansen

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