Hold My Pants!!!!!!

Had the chance fish with one of my regular clients, Kevin Rausch and his two buddies, Jason & Mike. We headed out of Dana Point for some shallowing water rock fish and maybe a chance at some halibut. We started off fishing in 240 ft of water for the first 4 hours. Wrapped that up at 11 A.M. then headed over to the short pipe at San Onofre to try for some halibut. By the time we got there the wind was blowing about 12 to 15 kts so we used the sea anchor. That helped slow the drift down. We ended up catching two legal sand bass but no love from the halibut. Then we anchored up on a spot inside the pipe to grill some burgers (those of you that fish with me know the spot). We had a nice go-round on a couple of bat rays. Total fish count for the day was 2 sand bass, 2 reds, 4 chuckles, 3 sand dabs, 5 green stripe and 10 starry rock fish and a partridge in a pear tree… About the title of this post…in the middle of a battle with a bat ray, one of the guys (won’t name which one) was moving to the bow to fight his fish and was in great fear of falling in the water. At the last second he yelled to me, “Dave, hold my pants!”. I grabbed him by the back of his pants to make sure he wouldn’t fall overboard. My services guarantee you’ll have the best experience on the water. If that means grabbing your pants, then rest assured, I’m the man for the job.

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