Hooping on the Helena with Capt. Dave Hansen 11-29-2013

Had the privilege to go out with Capt. Dave Hansen last night on the Helena to do some hooping. I (Danny) had my bro Charlie along with me on the trip.
From beginning to end this trip was non stop laughs and so much fun.
The ocean greeted us with no wind and glassy conditions.
We hooped up over 200 Lobster. Yes most were shorts, but just barely and we did mange 6 Legal Bugs. Charlie and I both got lucky, scoring a legal sized Lobster.
We had hoops come up with as many as 20 bugs at a time with almost zero empty pulls. Most of the time you had 3 to 5 in the hoop and had to measure most of them.
I had at least 8 or 9 that were so close to legal…. Bummer, but those were released until next time.
The cost of this trip is $75 dollars and this also includes all you can eat Cheeseburgers and sodas. TJ did a great job on cooking those up. Beers are $1 dollar.
We also fished while soaking the hoops and did pretty good on the Calico and Sand Bass on the Dana Pipe. The Bass were jumping on Fresh Dead Squid we got from the Sum Fun.
Had so much fun on this trip that I / we will be coming back again several more times this season.
These hooping trips depart at 5pm and are set for Tues through Saturday
If you want to try this contact Dana Wharf Sportfishing at 1(949) 496-5794

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Captain Dave Hansen

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