John’s Personal Best White Sea Bass

White Sea Bass
I got a call from John Bretza from OKUMA and he asked me if I wanted to go out fishing with him, Brandon Cotton, also from OKUMA, Brandon Hayward & Mike Vaughn from WON. We wanted to target White Sea Bass on the coast. My client for that day had to cancel so I was IN! Not knowing much about catching White Sea Bass, I thought it would be good to tag-a-long and see how the experts do it (and yes, they took me to school).

We were fishing in the kelp at a “secret” spot. John and both Brandons had their new Cedros Star Drag CSD10s reels filled with 60 lbs spectra with a 50 lbs flourcarbon leader, 6/0 long shank bronze hook, with a 1 oz sliding egg sinker.

Now this is some of the most violent fishing I have seen since the days of fishing the yellows at the rigs, or the big home guard yellows on the Cortez back in the late 70’s. Back in the days of the big home guard yellows or the yellows at the rigs, we fished them using 6/0 Penns with a hammered down drag and 80 lbs mono & a live mackeral. This type of fishing for White Sea Bass reminded me of that except we were in the middle of kelp, using spectra that doesn’t stretch and fresh dead squid. When this fish hits you you have to apply pressure like I’ve never done before. You have to cut the kelp with the pressure put between the fish and the rod. As the kelp is cut is seems as though you’ve lost the fish. I could go on and on about this technique for hours but I think the best way thing is to get out there and just do it. Bottom line…we fished for about 5 hours. Brandon Cotton got a 55 lbs fish. Brandon Hayward got a 45 lbs fish and John Bretza got himself a 42 lbs fish. Total White Sea Bass for Capt. Dave Hansen…ZERO. I was hoping for a hand-off but those guys were pretty darn selfish.

White Sea Bass

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