Kelly Girls Butt

Kellygirl’s Butt

Ok, it was Super Bowl Sunday and Kelly was telling me that she really wanted to go fishing. Even though she’s a big Steelers fan, she wasnt having a real good feeling about Big Ben and the rest of the boys going up against Aaron Rogers and the pack. She asked if there was any way we could go fishing instead of sitting at home watching football. So we got going, bright and early, at the crack of noon. When we left our house, it was flat, glassy and sunny and about 75 degress. By the time we got down to the harbor, it was foggy and cold. We were both dressed like we were going to beach. I called my buddy Cory and asked him to bring us a couple of jackets and meet us at the dock. Headed to the bait barge to see Jeff and get a half scoop of those great big, green, slimy anchovies that they have right now…halibut’s favorite food. Then we were off to the Domes were I knew there was some Halibut to be had. The last few times we’ve been down there, there was always a boat on the spot but I was pretty sure, since it was Super Bowl Sunday and foggy, that there was a pretty good chance of no one being out there. We arrived in the area just about the time the fog started to break up. We drifted the spot, 7 or 8 times and got 6 short halibut. Kelly got one nice legal Halibut and another very large Halibut was lost. Also caught, were a handful of Sand Bass and one Smooth-Hound Shark, about 4 1/2 ft long. After an hour and a half of drifting we decided to head for greener pastures. We took off towards the harbor. As we went by Seal Rock, the conditions were epic. The current at the rock was going slightly down and out so we dropped the anchor on the west side of the rock. For the next hour it was some of the best Calico Bass fishing I’ve seen so far this year. Every bait was a bite, whether the bait was alive or dead…unless we were bit by a seagull.

We kept enough bass for dinner and released the rest. Then it was back to the dock, fillet the fish, jumped in truck and headed home . We got back just in time to see the Packers win the Super Bowl. You know that women’s intuition…once again, was right. Not a good day for the Steelers, but a pretty good day for us.

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