Kellygirl’s Day

After the other day when my friend Cory and I went out and caught all those bass, Kelly asked me if i thought we might be able to fish on Saturday if I didnt have any trips scheduled. I told her that a couple of different clients wanted to book trips on Saturday but I told them that nothing is more important than taking my Kellygirl fishing, especially when I know the fish are really biting. It’s almost a sure thing. Now this is text book, almost to the date of when this fish started biting last year in front of Dana Point. The squid are everywhere off of Dana Point and these sand and calico bass are keyed on it. The key depths are 65 to 75 ft of water. What we found is that they seem to really like to bite when the wind is NOT blowing.

Hit the water at about 8 this morning with my buddy Cory. We needed to get out early so we could get some squid. We caught a couple hundred pieces and then it was time to call Kelly and let her know that we had handled the bait problem. She had a few errands to run and said she’d meet us in the harbor at 11:00. I sugguested we meet and have lunch at Turks then get back out on the water for an afternoon session. The morning session went kind of like this: Cory and I were matching fish for fish for about 3 hours. We caught about 30 fish. In the middle of that, I got a call from my good friend John Bretza from OKUMA. He said he was fishing inside of Newport bay with his son Zander and they were sort of having a tough day. He was heading outside the harbor to maybe catch a few mackeral. I told John what Cory and I were doing outside of Dana Point and that if he made the run down to Dana I’d give him some live squid to fish with and I’d love to see Zander catch a few of these bass (remember my tip of the week: Don’t Forget About the Kids). So John made the 10 minute ride down to Dana Point from Newport on the OKUMA boat. When he arrived the wind started to blow. He had a friend on board the boat with him who had his young son with him as well. They ended up putting together a nice little stringer of bass for dinner. Both boys caught a couple and as did their Dads. It was worth the run down. A few pics were taken and the guys (and boys) were on their way back to Newport. Then Cory and I headed back to Dana Point harbor to meet Kelly for lunch at Turk’s. While we were in Turk’s we found out they had just dropped off a load of anchoives at the bait barge. Kelly, loving to surface fish for calicos, thought it would be a good idea to get scoop of anchoives and take them to her favorite bass spot to see if they’d be willing to bite in the 56 degree water. So we were on our way to the bait barge. Said hi to Jeff, got a scoop of chovies and it was off to Kelly’s bass hole. We got to the bass hole and there was about 8-10 knots of wind out of the west and a slight downhill current. Perfect conditions (this week’s tip of the week is about conditions). First Kelly threw a scoop of bait over to increase the prey density level in the water then she pinned on a nice hook bait and tossed it to the edge of the kelp. Much to mine and Cory’s surprise, her bait was bit instantly by a nice 2 lbs calico. I think she got another calico short and her first ever kelp fish. Then Cory and I convinced her that she needed to see the sand bass fishing that we’d been doing in the deeper water. Not really Kelly’s cup of tea. She’s more of a surface bass fisherman but she was willing to give it a try. So I re-rigged the rods with 3/4 oz slider, 4/0 thin wire Mustad hooks, 20 lbs mono about a foot long tied to straight 30 lbs Tough Line braid rigged on our OKUMA Andros reels. Once we got to the spot we could tell by looking at the fatometer (fish finder) that the fish had moved. So we tried two other stones in the general area for a couple bites but nothing really. We then moved over to a stone in about 75 feet of water. We found their house! From about 3:30 until pitch black we had two or three going most of the time. We ended up taking enough for dinner and threw the rest back for another day. Can’t even begin think how many bass the three of us caught today, real close to the 100 mark I’d say. If this is any indication of how January’s going to go, I’d have to say…you need to go fishing.

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