Kelly’s first Yellowtail

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Went fishing today with my girlfriend on our little boat to go see this yellowtail bite that’s going on along the coast of San Clemente.

Started out with some boat problems and were unable to make the mackerel like I had hoped to. Not that the mackerel aren’t there, we needed to get to that area for the morning bite. Got down to barge around 7:30 in the a.m. Now when your fishing this spot, it’s a large kelp bed off of the old Nixon estate. The key to this is anchoring up 200-300 yards above the kelp as to not get hung in the kelp when you hook a fish. When we arrived the Dana Pride was already there. I talked to the Captain, Todd Mansur who was already there. He said the yellows were boiling around and he had one on the boat for his 95 anglers. Yeah, when we got there they were boiling around, but I didn’t see any small fish…everything was big. Now the big problem there is that there are so many barracuda, both legal and short, that if you have sardines and anchovies (which we had) it’s hard to get the bait through the barracuda. We were able to get a couple of hook ups and land one…my girl’s first yellow…a nice 25-30 lbs fish. What I think is the key to this is a tank of mackerel and to be there at gray light. Also, I wouldn’t fish anything less than 30. If any of you guys are thinking about going down there and doing that, you know what I do so give me a call. If not, I hope the info I gave helps out.

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