Killed um at Catalina with Captain Dave Hansen


So after yesterday’s great catch, we decided to give it another shot with Capt. Dave. The kids had so much fun yesterday; they jumped out of their beds and were running out the door before I was ready this morning! That’s a first.

Got to DP at 0600, launched, got bait and took on the wild seas for our trip across the channel. After almost 2 hrs and being totally soaked, we pulled up to a spot, dropped the hook…and WFO… Capt. Dave couldn’t keep the kids baits soaking long enough to even take off his wet sweatshirt before they had another Cali or Bone to the rail. The poor guys to our port and starboard didn’t know what to think!!! They had slack lines when we arrived and I think they were the same when we left for spot two!

After 1 1/2 or 2 on spot one we headed south a ways and were in em again. Bigger grade of Bones this time that really got the reels screaming on the 12#. One almost spooled my son! He was having the time of his life though and finally got it to gaff. The kids also had their first double on screaming reels, had to run the rails, and now understand what Bloody Decks mean!

Current changed so we ran back up to spot one and were on em again!

In the end we caught over 100 Cali’s and 20+ Bones, a Sheep Head, Scalp, and a Cuda! Kids couldn’t believe any of it! I’ve taken em fishin 50+ times but never had them in w/o bites like this. Now they’re spoiled!!!

The ride home was smooth and fast. Ran in to two big pods of dolphins and played with them for a while with the kids.

I don’t think my kids have laughed so hard, had such fun, and really enjoyed fishing as much as they have the last two days with Capt. Dave. He’s one hell of a teacher with extreme patience with the young ones. He made every minute fun for them and now they can’t stop talking about it! What a way to start summer vacation! Thanks so much for everything Capt. Dave. Looking forward to doing it again soon…

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