Killed’em at the Farnsworth!!

Saw the posts my old buddy Captain Dave had been posting on BD and decided to give him a call, and reconnect with an old friend.  We arranged a trip for Thursday (12/29) out to Catalina to hit the Farnsworth Bank, Dave had just been out there with a client and whacked the Rockfish pretty good. I gave another good friend, Joe Rosales a call and we were on!

We left Dana at 4:00am on a flat dark ocean, cruised 15-20kts until greylight, when we hit the backside of the island and over to the Farnsworth.

From the first drop we hammered the fish until we had our fill of Reds, Coppers, Sheepshead, Lingcod (about 8lbs), Whitefish, Sandabs, and an assortment of other deep bottom dwellers. We fished at around 250 feet most of the day.

Finished a little early, and left the island by 1:00, flat seas, cruised back at around 25-30kts the whole way home. Hit a weird fog bank in the middle of the shipping lane that was kind of freaky.

On the way home after cleaning all the fish, Dave filled my GPS with a bunch a great numbers in areas around the island not covered in the closures (not much good are left).

If you ever want to learn something new about fishing, learn something new about your boat or gear, and have a great day on the water catching fish, give Captain Dave a call and have him take you out.  My guess is you will have as good a time as we did!!

Tightlines and Happy New Year,

Tim on the “JollyMon”

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