LB Lobster Limits: Courtesy of Dave Hansen-12/30/13

So I set-up a trip w/ Capt Dave Hansen (949) 374-0786 Monday 12/30/13 and for me Capt. Dave was on Fire.
Met-up at Davies at 4:00pm – and we rocketed over to recon some hoopin spots. Long story short was my 7 lobster Limit by 9:00 pm. With a 5 lb and 6lb in the mix. We kept going for a total of 11 LEGAL LOBSTER-
We were inside the breakwall the whole night and in anywhere from 25- 45 feet of water. Weather was dead- flat- lake- calm- With an incoming tide from 5pm to 10 pm. If you are considering hiring Cap. Dave –*** DO IT !!*** He was completely kick back and full of helpful insights and general boating knowledge- well worth his fee. I would HIGHLY recommend him!!! Thanks again Cap Dave for a fantastic night of hooping!
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Captain Dave Hansen

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