Limits of WSB With Captain Hansen 5/16/12


After seeing all of Dave’s happy and satisfied customers here on BD, I finally made the call to Dave to take me out, so I could add some new tricks to my fishing bag. And glad I did!!! I told Dave that we wanted to target WSB, he said awesome and he came up with a great game plan. We left Davies at 3am and headed towards Avalon, the crossing was smooth in the morning. Got a healthy scoop of squirts from Darrell on the “Mary Claire” And we headed towards the east end. We made 4 different stops during the day where we set up anchor, and caught WSB at all of them. The Calicos were on the chew all day and it was pretty much a fish a cast all day, kept a couple bleeding Calicos and some sheepshead, sargo, and yellow fin croaker and one Hali for dinner. Limits for 3 on the WSB with 3 shorts and we left them biting. At our final spot of the day, the boats near us got limits of WSB also. Thanks again Dave for the awesome day and helping us fine tune our fishing skills…I HIGHLY recommend Captain Hansen, he helped us to spot and understand the right conditions, boat manuvering, anchor deploying and hes just flat out a great guy and had us rolling laughing all day!!! Captain Dave Hansen 949-374-0786 sorry for some edited faces but my fishing buddy is a undercover drug agent and he doesnt like his face on the internet
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Captain Dave Hansen

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