Lobster Hoopnetting at Catalina Island

Went to Catalina with one of my regular clients and his son-in-law. My clients son-in-law,David, had never been hoop netting before so I was excited to show him what it was all about. Got to Catalina at about 4:45 pm and fished one of my spots just south of the isthmus, in about 70 ft of water. That spot has produced well over the past two years. Flat, glass, calm, no wind, no current, no moon…things looked great for a great crawl. Eight nets, all baited with mackeral. Let the nets soak for about an hour. First net…no lobsters, uh oh…here we go. Second net, OMG…3 lobsters, 2 shorts and 1 legal! Pulled the other six nets and got 1 more short. Tried one more set in that spot, just to make sure. Let the nets soak for a half hour. Pulled the nets…nothing! Then it was off to the old hot spot. You guys have seen the pictures from last year and you know how good that spot can be. As usual, nothing colder than yesterday’s hot spot. Two more hours of pulling and two more legal lobsters and it was off to the dock. Done pulling at 9:30 and back to the dock at midnight. Total for the night, 3 legals and 7 shorts.

Hoopin' at Catalina-img_0003.jpg

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Captain Dave Hansen

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