Lucky Day at Farnsworth Bank

After talking to Dave Hansen about having him show me Farnsworth only to learn he was totally booked for the entire week, my spirits were low. After a couple of hours, Dave calls me to let me know that a client canceled. One big problem, the open day was my wife’s birthday. Thankfully my wife tells me to go and have a good time or else. So I start calling friends to see if they want to go, everyone is busy, so it will only be Dave and I.

Dave and I leave the ramp expecting cold weather and freezing spray along with rough seas, what a surprise. There was no wind, the ocean was greasely flat all the way to Catalina. Along the way, Dave was teaching me new methods for navigating, this would be the first of many lessons today. If you have never had Dave on your boat, you have seriously missed some incredible proffesionalism and teaching.

We get to Farnworth Bank just in time for the hungry bite to start. After teaching about what the fish look like on the bottom, we make our first drift. My line doesnt even make to the bottom before it get hammered by a nice Red. After the drift, we setup for another and at the same time I get another lesson on how to setup using my chart plotter. I have had this unit for 5 years and I had no clue it had the functionality Dave showed me. That my friends was worth the price of admission. We had a fantastic day catching Rockfish, Whitefish, Sheepshead, and Calicos.

We left for home as the sun was setting again expecting wind and spray. What a surprise, not wind no spray flat calm water, and speeding 25 knots the whole way back. The lessons did not stop, while learning new tricks on how to use Radar, Radar Overlay, and Guidance functions.

If you have the time, and would like to learn something new about what your boat and your electronics can do, call Dave. Everything about the day from beginning to end was fantastic.

Here is picture of the days catch. Yes I know the deck is not bloody, but it is fishy… If you get a chance this week, hit up the Farnsworth before it is closed to rockcod for good, also, call Dave, he has been the best investment I have ever spent on the boat to date.

Lucky Day at Farnsworth Bank-img_0546.jpg


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