My First Trip with Capt. Dave Hansen

Well, I’ve been reading and enjoying BD for a while now and learning new techniques and areas to fish from the forums and posts. Thanks to everyone who share useful information to help others enjoy this great hobby of fishing. I mostly fish and hoop net using a kayak from Redondo Beach to the Malibu area and sometimes join my friend Rick on his Bayliner out of Dana Point. Rick asked Dave Hanson to join us for a day of fishing before Christmas to show us how to better target Rockfish. We’ve had some luck but have not been very consistent. We left Dana early headed toward the Farnsworth Bank. From the moment we left the slip, Dave was teaching us some fine points of Rick’s electronics and talking about things that we’ll be doing later in the morning. We stopped at several places along Catalina learning not only good future fishing areas, but what to look for and how to find good spots. When we got to our fishing area there was almost no wind and the sun was still low in the horizon, what a great day for fishing. The first thing we learned was how to tie one of the simplest two hook bottom rigs ever and what to look for on the fish finder and of course how to properly set up a drift to target these Reds we were after. Then when we started fishing, Wow, one fish after the other and most were nice quality reds. We used whole fresh dead squid that Dave had brought for the day and we only had one or two drifts that didn’t end with fish on the boat. We moved around a little learning what to look for and how to drift as the wind started picking up. Dave suggested that we move to the island to catch some Sheephead to go along whit the rockfish. After another lesson on how to target and catch Sheephead, it was Sheephead catching time. We ended up keeping thirteen nice ones and letting at least that many go. What a fun fish to catch in close to the kelp on light tackle. I will always remember Dave’s words “Don’t Stop Reeling”. Finally, after all this fish catching, we explored Cat Harbor and learned how to use Moorings before Dave filleted and bagged our fish and we started our journey home. The ride back to Dana was a long one due to the strong head wind and heavy seas, but we made it back safe and sound with a bunch of fish for the holidays, a ton of new information on how to find and catch fish, and a new friend that is willing to share knowledge, locations, stories, jokes and experience with others.

Thank’s to Rick and Dave for a great trip. Happy Holidays to everyone on Bloody Decks.

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