Offshore with Captain Dave

Had the pleasure to take Dr. David Lee and his brother John out on their 30 ft Pursuit.

We started out around the 43 and worked our way toward the west butterfly. Found a nice paddy about thirteen miles from the 43. Lots of 8-10 lbs yellows. We put 5 of them on the boat and lost at least that many. Then after we were done with paddy preceeded to the west wing of the butterfly. Put the feathers in the water when we got to the outside edge. Got a quick jig strike on the dorado then it was skipjack after skipjack stop. We caught about 16 skipjack then decided to go look for something else. Took off back towards the 43. Found the a spot of dolphin about 2 miles inside the 43 on a course back to Dana Point. Four more skipjack, still no yellowfin. Decided to take off for home about 2:30 – 3 o’clock. Total for the day… 20 skipjack, 5 yellowtail and 1 dorado. Thanks…see ya out there.

Offshore with Capt. Dave Hansen-jlee3.jpg

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Captain Dave Hansen

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