Opening Day

Never did I think I’d be excited about opending day of rock fishing but it was exactly what I was looking forward to. My good buddy Chuck, aka Finseeker, told me he’d dug through his old book and had some good spots that he wanted to try and he was bringing his good friend Danny. Now both Chuck and Danny were my idols growing up. They were both captains back when I was a little boy, back in the early days of Dana Wharf Sportfishing 40 years ago. Every opportunity I have to fish with some of my idols I jump at. We started off fishing in front of the harbor in 200 ft of water were we picked a few fish. Chuck then wanted to head to one of his spots off of the point, a little bit deeper…an no, I won’t tell you the depth (you know what it takes to get the numbers). Much to my surprise, the spot was loaded on the fish finder. We were able to make three drops before the wind made it unfishable. In those three drops we caught 5 big salmon grouper, 4 boscoes and 8 reds, the biggest of those reds being 4 lbs.

Those of you that are sitting at home thinking about fishing…stop thinking and get out there! All of the southern California landings are offering rock fish trips with great price points. I would jump on them as soon as I could because who knows how long the landings will be able to offer such great price points with the price of fuel heading in the direction it’s going.

The rigs we used on the trip were loaded with 65 lbs braid, top shots of 40 lbs mono, 12 – 16 oz of weight, double dropper loop with 4/0 hooks.

Good luck and tight lines to everyone!

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Captain Dave Hansen

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