Outstanding OC Bass Fishing!!

Hi Guys. Wanted to let you know about the phenomenal bass fishing I had yesterday.

It was a very cold day, but I had a regular customer who wanted to go out and fine tune a couple of his techniques and spots for the halibut. We left the Dana Point dock at 7:30a and the temp was 29 degrees….WOW. Got a scoop of real nice anchovies (later wished I would have gotten two). Headed out to look for some halibut, but didn’t have any luck at hyis spots or mine…. that’s fishing. Same results when we went to look for the sargo, they weren’t biting. I suggested to my customer that he let me show him where and how I fish Seal Rock, but that the fishing was likely to be a little slow for top-water bass since the water temp was 52.5 degrees. Boy was I wrong! For the next couple of hours we enjoyed a nice bite of the Calico Bass variety. We ended up catching about 40 fish on the fly-lined anchovy. I then suggested that we make a move to where Kelly and I did so well on the Sandies last week. So we took the boat off the point in about 72 feet of water and it was as good as it gets wide open on the sand bass. Oh yeah, client had never caught a giant squid before, so I ran him out to the Canyon (in the middle of the day) and picked up a couple of daytime Humbolts.

All in all it was a great day. It didn’t go down the way we had originally planned, but you have to roll with the punches.

Captain Dave Hansen

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Captain Dave Hansen

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