Reel Viking part 3 The LONG Run Home

I was really looking forward to the run home. My son was coming for his first time every taking a boat home from Cabo. Checking the weather, we had a good window to bring the boat home. After a quick stop at the pelican rock Sean was doing back flips off the top of pelican rock for the tourists. It was now off to San Diego. We trolled all the way till dark with great expectation to know avail. For the afternoon of trolling we had one sierra to show for our efforts. The next morning we arrived at Margarita Island. There was some great yellowtail fishing on the yo-yo iron. Sean caught as many yellow tail as he wanted until his arms fell off. After leaving the island, the water was cold and dirty all the way to Turtle Bay. As we went across the ridge, the water was 65 to 68 degrees, green and millions of red crabs. The next night we arrived in Turtle Bay, fueled up at Annabelle’s, and spent the night on Annabelle mooring can. We woke up at 5:30 in the morning and ran to Cedros Island where we stopped and fished calicos for about an hour. Then it was off to Ensenada. We arrived the next day about 3:00. Let me tell you guys, from the west end of Cedros on a straight line to Ensenada, the water never got above 63 degrees and most of the time it was below 60. We arrived in Ensenada about 2:30 in the afternoon, got to the customs dock at 7 o’clock, and tied the boat to the dock about 8:30. Another successful delivery.


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