Reel Viking: The Long Trip to Cabo and Back part 1 of 3

We left San Diego July 6th on Gordon’s 43 ft Mickelson. Crew on board was Steve, Carlos, Rob, Gordon (owner), and Dave (captain). We left the dock about 11:30 in the morning, arrived at Marina Coral for fuel, had an early dinner, and we were on our way to Cabo. Right around ten knots all night long we arrived at Ceedros at about 2:00 in the afternoon on the 7th. Now the water from Encinitas to Ceedros never got above 62 degrees and the color at best was green. Arriving at the island, the water was about 65 to 66 degrees. We were able to put 20 mackerel in the bait tank and then we slid into the kelp by the lighthouse on the front side of the island for excellent Calico Bass fishing, we kept 12 bass to make tacos for the five of us. Then it was off to Turtle Bay for fuel. We arrived in Turtle Bay right at dark and put right around 400 gallons of fuel at Annabelle’s, had dinner, and got out around midnight. The water form Turtle Bay all the way to the Ridge was 57 to 60 degrees and brown. We arrived in Santa Maria Bay at about 7:00 on the 8th, had a nice dinner, and spent the night. In the morning one of my friends Marcos filled three 55 gallon drums with fresh water because Gordon’s boat is equipped with a water maker. Then we went for a tour of the beach and collected about a hundred sand dollars all bigger than your hand and lots of nice shells. Oh by the way, did I tell you the water in Santa Maria Bay was 55 and Red? We left Santa Maria about 1 in the afternoon and ran out about 30 miles off the beach looking for warm water. About 3 in the afternoon, we found an area with 67 degree water clean green. We found a small kelp about the size of a trash can lid which had a bunch of baby Dorado and yellowtail under it. We caught a handful of those then it was off to bigger and better things. We trolled the rest of the day for nada. We woke up just above the finger where the water was 72 degrees and very green. we trolled on down passed the golden gate, water getting warmer all of the time, by the time we got to the lower end of the gate, the water was 80 degrees. Between the gate and the Jaime, we had a blind jig strike on a 35 pound yellow fin. This was the beginning of Cabo fishing. After that Jig strike, I got a call from one of my good friends Jeff on a Yacht called the Carpe Diem who was into Tuna on the dolphin. So we pulled in the Jigs, cranked up the engines, and ran 21 knots to Jeff. By the time we got there, there were already 10 boats there. We were still able to pick 7 Tuna out of the dolphin. We looked at each other and made the decision to run for the dock. We stopped at the arch for a photo op, and then it was to the fuel dock, and then we grabbed our deck hand and allowed him to start cleaning the boat while we celebrated as we got into Cabo. This is Part one of the 3 Parts blog. Part 2 will be called Reel Viking in Cabo. Part 3 will be titled Reel Viking coming home.


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