Reel Viking to Cabo and Back part 2

Day 1 in Cabo. We left the Marina around 5 am in search of the dolphin we had been fishing the day before. Well unfortunately we ran passed them in the dark, and drug the jigs all day for nada. On the way home we found about 20 boats fishing 9 miles from the harbor, big pod of dolphin, ended up sliding in and catching 2 yellow fins. We got back to the dock kind of early and everyone was tired from the day before. So we had an early dinner, watched a movie and went to bed. Day 2 in Cabo. The next morning we ran out to the 95, dropped the jigs in the water, saw 4 dolphins, and got 4 tuna on the 5 jigs we were trolling. We found a nice edge on the doughnut, had a marlin and let it go. I won’t mention any names but angler error. Then about an hour later, got a marlin about 100 pounds. He was hooked in the eye ball so instead of letting him go so the crabs can eat him, we decided to take the fish and get it smoked. After that on the way home, we caught a 10 pound Dorado while trolling. Day 3: I heard of some fish out by the sea mount so we made the long run and on the way down there we found a pod of dolphin that were holding lots of tuna, played with them for a while and ended up getting 13 Tuna. About an hour later, I got a Marlin on the drop back. And then about 2 hours later on the high spot of the sea mount, caught a 52 pound Dorado. On that note we said it was good and then we went on home. Then we spent the day at the dock doing repairs and paper work. Day 5: We went out to the doughnut, found the dolphin and got a couple skip jacks. Everyone decided that we had enough Tuna so it was off to search for bill fish. We had a big sail fish come into the pattern. Deckhands were trying to clear the jigs. As they tried to pull the jigs out of the water, the sailfish ate the jig at the swim step and took off like a bat out of hell. The Fish took off, turned around, and started jumping at the boat through the lure. And that’s how we ended our last day in Cabo. The Total for fish caught in Cabo was 24 Tuna, 2 Dorado, 2 Marlin, and 2 Skip Jack.

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Captain Dave Hansen

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