Rockfishing 3-6-2011

Very busy week last week…trade shows, seminars, opening week of rock fish and last couple weeks of hooping. After my opening day post, I got a call from John Bretza and his little buddy Brandon Cotton, both from OKUMA. They wanted to know if I could show them some of those spots in front of Dana Point were we caught the reds on opening day. We got going bright and early at 9 a.m. We were able to make two drops before we got blown off the water. In those two drops, we caught 3 reds up to 4 and a half pounds and a handful of boscos and green stripes. We were fishing in about 300 feet of water right in front of Dana Point. All in all, it was a good day hanging out with John and his little buddy. Once again, thank you John and Brandon for allowing me to show you the spots.


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Sorry for the late report.-img_5890.jpg Sorry for the late report.-img_5886.jpg Sorry for the late report.-img_5894.jpg

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