SCI March 4/5/6

Short Story:
Fished SCI Sat with 3 generations on board for a bunch of rock fish, white fish, sheeps, and some calicos. Lots of mammal life. A good family time trip made better with Capt Dave Hansen doing his thing.

Long Story:
We headed out on Friday night for SCI with plans to make bait in the evening and fish all day Sat and Sun morning. On board was my brother, his 3 kids, my dad, Captain Dave Hansen, and myself.

Decided to skip attempting squid at Catalina and headed straight for SCI in hopes of making bait there with no luck.

Saturday morning we started on the rockfish. We were blessed with sunny skies and calm water. I get down to rigging rods to find that in the shuffle of gear from old boat to new, my box of leader material did not make it and every reel on the boat (except for light spin rigs) is spooled with spectra. After making due for a while, we asked a friendly neighbor if they could help us out. Tom on a 29′ blue Radon (beautiful boat!) came to our rescue with a bunch of mono pulled off of one of his reels. He also asked for my email to send me some photos that he had taken of our boat, the first that we have of it fully rigged and on the water (Thanks a million Tom!!!)

After that we moved into the kelp and got into some whitefish, goats, calicos and the ever-so-plentiful and friendly blue perch. The kids had a blast with constant action on strips of squid, comparing their fish counts and trying to out do one another. We fished shallow until dark and then headed to Catalina for the night to get a jump on the approaching weather.

Almost to Avalon, we loose all of our electronics due to a power problem (house bank not charging). Thank goodness for the parallel switch, we are able to manually cross over and get the bat charging and electronics going again. We stopped in Avalon for an ice cream shop run and then moored for the night.

Sunday morning after dealing with a plugged intake/overheating incident (2nd time in 4 trips for this rig – darn we need to get a thru hull intake put on this thing!) Captain Dave toured us up the front side to mark some good spots on the GPS for future trips. While doing this we came across a pod of porpoise that wanted to play, so Dave and the kids take the bow to marvel at the encounter.

Having headed up west, we had a great ride home with following seas and another great trip.

The entire trip the 3 kids were keeping a catch count in a sort of sibling tourney. Katherine took it with some 50+ fish caught. When we got back, Dave’s girl Kelly brought Katherine a prize, a sweet Okuma spinning reel. Kelly also had a bunch of cool BD stickers for the other 2 kids. Kids were stoked.

Thanks again Captain Dave and Kelly too.

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