Tails for Tykes

Was out with the kids (including Capt. Dave Hansen) again and had a pretty cool night on the water.

Managed 7 legals (ate two of them on the boat) and also kept 7 nice crabs. Everything ran smooth, the kids did a nice job pulling and keeping the deck organized.

One of the boys had never been fishing before, but he had a blast and will definitely be out with us again in the future. It was a great night for the kids as so many different things kept coming up in the nets.

We had a 19″ sand bass, 5 fat sculpin, 5 octopuses, urchins, starfish, several kinds of crabs, snails, skates, etc. We were not bothered by any sea lions.

What else….

oh yeah, the kids got to witness some knuckleheads out there with homemade floats that had no lites, reflective tape or markings, get wrapped up in his own gear. We had a close call with his gear as well. Anyway, that too was a teaching opportunity – something along the lines of ‘your expectations should not exceed your preparations’ (or translated, ‘what did they think was going to happen?’). The kids wanted to go by and offer them some reflective tape, but I suggested that (with their outboard out of the water) it probably wasn’t a good time to remind them of what they should have done.

Fished late, spent the night on the boat in the slip, and slept in.

Thanks Dave, a great time as usual. Be well

. Tails For Tykes-dhlob1.jpg

PL  Tails For Tykes-dhlob2.jpg Tails For Tykes-dhlob3.jpg Tails For Tykes-dhlob4.jpg

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