TIP OF THE WEEK 12/6/2012

How to chum.

First, we are talking about live bait chumming. It’s important to not chum when you don’t have enough bait. Sounds silly, I know, but you will be disappointed if you have to end your day early because you don’t have the bait. Make sure you take a bit of chumming into account when you are making your purchase at the bait barge. If you have plenty of bait you need to know how it chum for / from your boat. We are talking about chumming spots here, not offshore. Next week I will talk about offshore.

OK, so you have anchored on the spot the current is flowing from it bow to the stern. It’s moving pretty good and that’s what you want. It doesn’t matter if you are fishing seabass or sheephead it’s always the same – you need to throw the chum as far off the bow as you can. As the chum swims down or sinks out, it drifts with the current. By the time the chum reaches the target (fish) it should be somewhere behind your boat (where you are fishing). You will start to we fish boil behind the boat. Never ever throw chum at the boil!! I see deckhands and a lot of clients do this. The reason they are boiling where they are is because you are chumming off the bow; the fish that made the boil has already taken the bait and gone. Never, ever throw chum at a boil. Always keep chumming (as far as you can throw it) off / toward the bow. The whole goal of chumming is to increase the prey density level. So if you have marked the spot, anchored appropriately, and do a proper job with the chum, then the structure, chum, and fish should be right behind the boat.

If any of my tips still make no sense or you just want to learn more, give me a call. Also, if you or a loved one needs a gift, I am running a special till end of month – $300 for ten hours of fishing, boat handling, electronics training or a little of everything.

Feliz Christmadonkwanzukkah!!

Captain Dave Hansen
Your Saltwater Guide

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