Well it’s almost time to catch some rockfish. That’s right, in a couple of weeks we’ll get the green light to fish the deep waters again and I am going to try to give you some tips on how to better your catch.

When you get to the area where you are going to fish, it’s important to know which way your boat is going to drift. Its not always as easy as you might think. Sometimes (for example), if there is a uphill current and wind out of the West, you might really have no idea what direction your boat will drift. I am going to let you in on a trick – make sure your plotters track line is on. Get to the numbers that you want to fish and set up drift over those numbers. After you have drifted off of your spot, look at the plotter and the track line will show you how you drifted. As you are going back to set up your next drift, drive right back up your track line to make sure that you drifted over the high spot. If you missed it, adjust accordingly and do another drift. Repeat the process until you have nailed it. Be mindful of the changing drift conditions as the current and wind will likely be changing throughout the day. Long ago I was taught (and it has remained so for me) that the biggest fish or on the highest part of the rock. The great thing about the track line is you can see what part of the rock you have and have not fished.

Also, remember you need to slow down while looking for the spot and you need to lead it a little before you drop.

I think that if your not using braided line and a small reel nowadays, your cheating yourself. The go to rig for me is the Andros by Okuma, filled with 40 lb. Tuffline, and a long rod (I use 8′ Cedros coastal MH) so you can fell every bite. When rigging, I will use the smallest amount of weight I can get away with and still get to the bottom. Then I tie a double dropper loop and I use 4/0 Mustad thin wire hooks.

Rockfishing is one of my favorite kind of fishing…. It’s Calico’s 1st, Rockfish 2nd.

if you guys want to learn more – more spots, more tips, more techniques, call me (way better than PMing me) and I will try and help.

Dave Hansen

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