This week I will talk to you about conditions . First , what’s a condition? Well, there are lots of types of conditions – Your boat and how much bait it holds is a kind of condition. First thing I ask when you call to hire me is how big is your boat and does it have a bait tank? The amount of bait you can hold has a lot to do with where we are going. Too little capacity can make it difficult to chum and effectively fish many locations locally and offshore.

Weather, and more specifically the wind, is another type of condition. The direction that the wind is blowing may have a great impact on the areas you choose to fish. Locally, I find that the offshore wind is the most difficult to fish as I don’t know of many spots on the coast where the boat lays right to fish in that wind. A lot of spots, locally, will fish well when there is no wind or the wind is out of the West, but there are East wind spots too. You just have to know or be prepared for the wind conditions that day and plan accordingly.

Now water color, current and temperature are big factors, too. I find that when the water is red or really kind of brown that not a lot of fish like this. So you might have to drive up or down the coast till you find some clean water. Current, to me and most of the great fisherman I known, is the most important condition of all. I guess that ninety percent of all spots need a downhill current. This is where the water is moving from (approximately) the North to the South. But be open minded to those few spots you find that will only bite with the uphill current. I think the bottom line on current is that if you want to catch some fish, you better find some current.

Then there is tide movement. Offshore guys will tell you everything pops when the tide is slack – that’s when the marlin and all the bait comes to the surface. Hoopnetters seem to agree that the lobster crawl better when, among other things, there is a big tidal swing. The inshore bass guys, I’m talking about the rubber chuckers, have a whole different way they fish the tides. We can leave it at this¬† know or find out how tide effects the spots you want to fish on any given day.

It’s all about conditions. The more you go, the more you try and the more you observe, will all add to the more you know and the success that you have. Almost every day is different and you have to know what to do with the conditions presented you that day. There are lots of variables to consider and very few absolutes, but one thing is for sure&. If you never go, I’ll never know. Get out there and fish!!

If you there is something here that doesn’t make sense to you or you have other questions, give me a call and I’d be happy to help.

Captain Dave Hansen

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Captain Dave Hansen

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