TIP OF THE WEEK – Fishing Those New Spots

Last time we talked, I said I would talk about how to fish your new spots. I am going to talk about how to rig your set up.

This time of year the bass (both sand and calico) have move out to deeper water. That being said, I like going to rig up a couple different ways.

The first way is for fish inside of 100 feet of water. I like to use a live squid or a fresh dead squid for bait. I use a Mustad thin wire hook and bronze is my preference. Tie the hook straight to the line (no swivels and no beads) with just a sliding sinker and a hook. 4/0 hook is big enough for a whole squid. Be careful not to use too big a hook or too small a hook – if you use a 4/0 you will be fine. Next question is how much weight? The answer is it all depends on the wind and current. The least amount you can get away with is the best solution – it’s easier to feel the bites. My preferred way is to anchor up so the rock is behind you then cast to it so your bait can drift down slowly towards the high spot if the rock, that’s where we seem to find the best fish. So let it drift down slowly and then when you feel a bite, let him take it. When I say take it that means to allow the fish to swim with the bait, so as to get (all or most of) the bait in his mouth. After he takes your bait, bring your rod tip down to the water and then pull up about half way while turning the handle. Don’t forget or stop turning the handle!

When fishing over a hundred feet of water, I think you need to use a dropper loop. Again, it’s important not to use too much weight. When you tie your loop, clip the loop so you can tie hook straight to a single strand of line. Trying to attach your hook, in my opinion, to the loop (like the old store bought rock cod rigs) will keep the bigger fish from biting. You want to fish as stealth as you can. That is the key to fishing if I had to say one thing.

So if any of this makes sense, go get um. And if you still want a little help, call me.

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