You need to fish light. The number one thing I find when I am on a new client’s boat is that he is fishing way too heavy. So what I try to do is show my customers how much better (and fun) fishing can be when you go light. More feel, more bites and better fights with the light gear.

Now remember, we are talking about light tackle, inshore, bait fishing for this week’s tip. So the way I rig your rods when I show up, is to first look for the lightest rods you have; I’m looking for stuff that is 20lb and less. Hopefully I find something around 12lb – that’s my “go to” set up. If your stuff is more than 20lb I probably won’t use it as I usually bring a couple of spinning rigs with me, set up the way I like. I like to use straight braid 20lb, with about three to five feet of 12lb mono or floro for a top shot. Then I tie on a #4 or 2 or 1, bronze or black hook, with a small sliding sinker. Make sure it is enough weight to make it to the bottom, but not too heavy to not feel the bite.

Remember in one of the old tips of the week we talked about the strips of squid? – that’s the bait I would use on this rig. When you feel a bite, make sure you let the fish eat the bait. Don’t swing on the first nibble, make sure to let the fish run with the bait.

Now it’s important to make sure your drag is set appropriately for the line you are using; too tight line breaks, too loose and the fish gets in the rocks. If you fish light you will get bit more and have way more fun, and that’s what fishing is all about, having fun.

If this still does not make sense or you have questions, call me, I can help.

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Captain Dave Hansen

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Captain Dave Hansen

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