Two Thresher Sharks and Cod

Got a call from my good friend, Chuck (Finseeker) who asked me if I wanted to go fishing out of Dana Point today. It was pouring down rain when I woke this morning so I called Chuck at 5:30 and he said that by the looks of his radar, it was going to be clear by 8 AM. So I met Chuck at the Dana Point launch ramp at 8:30 and took off to a spot way far out down the line. It took approx 7 minutes to get there. First drop produces 2 nice reds for Chuck and 1 for myself. Since there wasn’t much current, I thought I could get a 2nd drop in on the spot before we drifted off. As my 8 oz weight and two hook rig was headed to the bottom, it stopped about 200 ft down and took off straight out. I put it in gear and the fight began. About 5 minutes later we had a 40 lbs thresher up to the surface. We released the the shark in fear of the haters on Bloodydecks. After our 2nd drift, Chuck and I decided to go look for other spots. We went down by San Onofere, where the water was super red. Tried a couple drops anyway for nothing. So we tuck tailed and ran back up to Dana Point were we drifted on the spot about 6 or 7 more times for limits of rockfish and 1 more thresher.

All in all, an absolutely gorgeous day on the water…good fishing and good company. Total for the day, 6 reds, 14 assorted rockfish & 2 threshers (released) for two guys.

Two T-Sharks & Limits of Cod-sany0219.jpg

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